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Hi! Welcome to my website. I am a multimedia journalist who is currently a sports anchor/reporter for HPTV at Highland Park HS while covering sports for the Pioneer Press/Tribune Publishing. Here, I will share my work with you across all mediums (television, newspaper, radio)—along with the occasional independent column.

If you have any questions or comments, just leave them on one of my various posts, or use the ‘Contact Me‘ page on the lefthand column.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter – @SamBrief or friend me on Facebook. Also, be sure to check out my YouTube channel.



39 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. I look forward to your careful and detailed analysis of the upcoming Euro2012! Moreover, I would be interested in your opinion of who the Bulls need to acquire to win the title in 2012.

  2. Wish there were more posts about chicago’s best baseball team– the cubs. Otherwise bits the best sports blog on the interweb.

    • I would love to see this blog remain a CUBS-FREE Zone! Unless, of course, Sam cares to share his thoughts on the franchise’s stupendous tradition of losing … Cubbies are minor league quality from top to bottom, as is their ballpark. 🙂

      • You are very angry Big Daddy, what have the Cubs ever done to you?
        And you are wrong, Wrigley is an authentic spot to enjoy a baseball game.

      • Big Daddy? I agree you are wrong…Wrigley is an American Landmark and the last ball-park to hold true to the intent of baseball, which is being played in the daytime!!! Kids getting let out of school early wearing paperboy hats like the good ole days. Either you are a ChiSox fan or not a baseball fan in general. Wrigley and Fenway should continue to be modernized and never torn down. BTW Big D who is your team anyways?

    • Ernie Banks has definitely left his mark on the MLB. He is truly one of the best of all time at his position. He has tough company though: I think Honus Wagner and Ozzie Smith are better than Banks.

  3. Mazel Tov! What an amazing writer and thinker and analyzer! Seriously look forward to following sports through your lens!

  4. Hey Sam, great blog you’ve got. I just found it, and I love the setup, hope you can check out mine. I’ll subscribe and put you in the “Other Blogs I like” page on my blog. I look forward to continue reading your blog, and keep up the good work!

    • Thanks so much! I just looked at your blog, and it also look really great, I too will keep up with your blog, as the writing is fantastic. Thanks for visiting mine!

    • Hey Clark, Thanks! Great blog that you’ve got going. Your analysis is a lot of stuff that goes unnoticed, and that is a really great thing. I will keep checking out your blog as well, and keep up the good work.


  5. Thanks Sam for checking my Blog out, and the comment! Very nice place you got here, like it alot! keep it up. Ill put you on my blogroll as well.

    thanks my man!

  6. Sam, only 14!!! Didn’t realize it. Truly remarkable kiddo!!! Your knowledge and passion remind me of myself at a similar age and I too wanted to be a sports journalist/broadcaster. Unfortunately for me the internet was light-years away at the time and my high-school guidance counselor advised me that I should study Economics instead because there is no money in sports journalism. Hahaha guess he was dead wrong there. I, sorry to say took his advice and studied finance while playing shortstop for a Div 3 powerhouse baseball program St. Joseph’s College in Maine and just started at the age of 35 writing analysis of sports this past June!!!! You are light-years ahead of most young minds and I look forward to working with you on our Weekly Power Rankings for the NFL and hopefully future endeavors as well. Keep up the great work!!!

    Inside The Knox Score

    • Thanks man I really appreciate it! I hope my starting at an early age will lead me to become a sportscaster. Your story is interesting, and I am glad that you decided to keep writing. I also look forward to working with you on our rankings. I sent my comments to you. Thanks for your support!!


  7. Sam! Your blog is AWESOME. I am so impressed, and glad that I managed to stumble upon it while cruising WP. I’m an Sports Psychology and Journalism major, in my third year at University and I think I could learn some things from you… So keep it up! 🙂

  8. What a fantastic kid you are! Sharing your thoughts and predictions with bloggers of all ages and professions- soon you will reach the whole world! We rate you #1 in Sports Blogging and are so proud to know you! B&G

  9. Weren’t we already following you? Is this a new website? I must be going nuts cause I really thought we had already subscribed a long time ago.
    Anyway, we’re with you now, (or again). Keep up the great work!

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