SportVU analytics taking hold in college hoops

This summer while at Northwestern’s Medill Cherubs program, I worked for weeks on what was our main assignment—to write a story on any trend that was happening anywhere in the world.

For my story, I chose to write about SportVU, a system of cameras in the rafters of every NBA arena and 3 college ones (Duke, Marquette, Louisville) that tracks player movement to spit out crazy advanced performance data. For the story, I made more phone calls than I thought would be humanly possible, once even making 41 calls in an hour. In the end, I interviewed people like J.A. Adande, Mike Trudell, Kirk Goldsberry and officials with NBA and NCAA teams.

Today, my nearly 2,000-word story was published on SB Nation’s Bucky’s 5th Quarter site. Check it out by clicking here.

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