2012-13 NFL Preview

On February 5, at approximately 10:12 p.m. EDT, the Patriots were denied access to the endzone in the waning seconds of Super Bowl XLVI to give the Giants another Super Bowl victory.

Now, 216 days later, we find ourselves just one day away from the kickoff of the Cowboys-Giants matchup at MetLife Stadium in the Meadowlands. This not only will kickoff the 2012-13 NFL season, but it will reunite America with its true love: Football.

Before our nation resumes its love affair with its favorite sport, here is a preview of what to expect from the upcoming NFL season:


29 thoughts on “2012-13 NFL Preview

  1. I think this season in the NFL will be controversial beyond the events leading up to the Superbowl . Simply look at the mess concerning the replacement referees and now we have the suspensions of the players involved in the Saints’ Bounty scandal being overturned . The sport may well be America’s first love but I believe the fans are now sick and tired with the antics of the players and that ignoramus Roger Goodell !

    Tophatal …………….

    • In my opinion, the replacement referee issue will be the most prevalent. Some of the questionable calls made in the preseason were just unacceptable. Fans will certainly lash out if we see a game-deciding bad call made.

    • Alright then, I guess I’ll prepare for the storm. Or is it 49 storms?

      I think one of the more interesting stories this year will be whether or not Russell Wilson can quiet the talk about Luck and Griffin III. He has taken the league by storm this preseason, and like I said, you know the Seahawks’ staff sees something in him because they are starting him over a 28 million-dollar contract. Wilson very well may take home Rookie of the Year honors, what do you think?

  2. That is just one of several issues that needs to be addressed ! Take into account that several teams around the league have been subjected to the televised blackout rules . Nowhere is this more prevalent than with the Buccaneers . Let me know what you think of the following ? Rehab …. Merely click unto the link provided to view .

    Tophatal ….

  3. The league hierarchy has called off their most recent round of talks with the union . Goodell brought about this mess because of his lack of intelligence and the poor advice he’s taking from the legal advisers within the NFL . All along, the commissioner has proven that he’s not that intelligent to begin with ! He is very much like all of the other league executives who hold a similar role (Stern, Bettman & Selig) . Dumb and extremely stupid !

    • Goodell definitely took a major blow with Vilma and Smith’s overturned suspensions. It displayed the lack of judgement that the commissioner sometimes possesses. Overall, though, I don’t think he does a horrible job.

  4. All Goodell has repeatedly ever pointed to , has been the growing revenues for the league ($ 10 billion annually) . He has shown that he’s an imbecile ! And his treatment of the retired veterans and their not being availed rightful benefits simply indicates to me , neither he , the owners or the NFLPA (union) cared about those old timers .! Now the league is seeking to have all 35 cases in US Federal Court thrown out , where the NFL is a defendant in a legal civil . Anyone who believes that the NFL has ever cared about the safety the players simply doesn’t know anything about the game, and the league’s repeated actions on this sole issue over the years. They’d (NFL) make “Big Tobacco” squirm !

    • I agree with you on the topic of retired players. The Junior Seau death was just the latest in a long line of suicides by former players. Also, the issues of Dementia and CTE are too prevalent for the NFL’s former stars.

  5. The league sought to rely on their own in-house flawed studies and research on this issue with their chief medical officer stepping down from his position earlier on this season . In his statement he all but reiterated that he was coerced not to reveal certain areas of his research . Were the league (NFL) a public company they would now be subject of a lawsuit by the US Justice Department .

    • Wow. That is a serious issue. The league clearly has obtained the knowledge of the effects of football on the head, but are reluctant to do anything with that because the NFL is so popular and they don’t want to “mess” with football as it is.

  6. sam, even tho baseball is my favorite, your nfl preview is a grabber of a story, your writing continues to have that sam brief punch; your opinions are mostly fact-based and you’re not shy from going out on the limb with some of your predictions.
    i may have missed it, but have you considered a baseball wrapup, with your thoughts about trades, managers/owners and the continuing drug scandals? i would love to hear your thoughts on these major topics..
    go for it!
    gpa [gma is sidelined for now].

  7. Sam,

    So do you live in Seattle…or what? The Niners could very well be the most well rounded team in football. The Alex Smith bashing is tiresome, but you are certainly entitled to your opinion. Of course, this is coming from an extremely biased season ticket holder, but I would be shocked if the Niners don’t steamroll through the NFC West once again. Way too much talent on defense, and upgraded weapons for a so-called “inadequate quarterback”(as you so aptly put it) in Smith. The coaching staff rivals any in the league. I expect big things from the Niners once again in 2012-13.

    Enjoy the season.

    • No I don’t live in Seattle, I am actually an avid Bears fan. I think that eventually the 49ers offensive shortcomings will catch up to them. Yesterday they faced arguably the worst defense in football and had success, but it will be different against a stronger defense. Seattle looked weak yesterday in Arizona, but I expect them to pick up the pace.

      Best of luck to your Niners!

  8. Wow, now that was a very comprehensive preview! Much more thorough than I could even imagine writing on the NFL. Gotta give you props for that. Would say I agree with most of your picks (definitely the Super Bowl, hey, great minds think alike), and some of your bold predictions certainly are bold! Won’t point them out cause really it would just be me nitpicking…keep it up! Looking forward to your thoughts throughout the season

    • Thanks, Scott I really appreciate you stopping by to read my work.

      I added the bold predictions because to a reader, it is more interesting to read the opinions that stand out or the ones that are less mainstream than hearing that the Packers are going to win the Super Bowl, Patriots are going to win their division etc. etc. etc.

  9. And the real issue with regard to this season will have more to do with what’s happening off the field . Goodell still manages to make an ##s of himself in the belief that the replacement officials will serve the game well . Meanwhile those very same officials are proving the exact opposite of what the commissioner claims . Could it get any worse ? Oh yes it can , because we still have the idiocy concerning the Saints’ scandal and the fact that the league hierarchy and team owners are so damn clueless !

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