Three-Point Play

This week, I was welcomed with open arms to Sports Muze’s “Three-Point Play,” a video podcast where three different sports topics are discussed. In this particular podcast, we debated our varying predictions for the upcoming NBA Playoffs, we outlined which teams surprised us so far in the young MLB season, and we analyzed Ozzie Guillen’s controversial comments on Fidel Castro.

This is hopefully the first of many Three-Point Plays for me, and I hope you enjoy it!!

Thanks for listening!!


By Sam Brief

Agree? Disagree? Leave a comment, I would love to know what YOU think about these various topics!

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37 thoughts on “Three-Point Play

  1. Great Podcast! You guys were spot on on pretty much on all points. OKC vs Bulls in the finals. Bulls, the best rebounding team in the league against the fast paced high scoring Thunder. Doesn’t get better than that.
    Tigers? I would not want to face them in a 5 game series with those starting elite pitchers they have.
    Ozzie? In the dictionary under the word inappropriate is his picture…

    Awesome job guys!!

  2. NL Billingsly, Kershaw, etc with Kemp…don’t know who could beat then right now. I mean it is kind of early. American league close between the Tigers and the Angels. Leaning slightly more towards Detroit. It’s way too early to discuss. There’s still 153 more games to play…lol
    Who’s your partner Sam? Does he write a blog as well?

  3. Great video podcast! Enjoyed it thoroughly. You’re right on with the Finals predictions, I’ve got Heat/Thunder in the NBA Finals. I can’t wait for another podcast, you guys did a fantastic job with this one, and was highly entertaining. I can’t get into Ozzie Guillen’s head. He’s obviously never heard of the “think before you speak” saying. You’re 100% right, he couldn’t have picked a worse time and place to say that. I mean, there are tons of Cubans or Americans of Cuban descent in Florida, and Miami in general. There’s no other way to put it besides idiotic. He can certainly run his mouth about everything and make a normal interview interesting (but embarrassing for himself). I seriously hope his apology is sincere, as this Marlins job isn’t going to be good if he continues this trend. He’s already started off his relationship with many fans on a bad note.

    Can’t wait for the next podcast Sam, your transition to screen was a flawless and highly entertaining one!

    • Thanks so much, Nik!!

      I am a White Sox fan, and when Guillen was in Chicago, these types of things happened all the time, but never to this extent. I watched an episode of E:60, which said that Guillen has no filter between his mind and his mouth.

      Do you think his job is in jeopardy?

  4. The Guillen comments were insensitive and shows him to be an idiot nonetheless ! As for this season’s potential World Series match-up , well let’s just say the biggest wish of the MLB hierarchy would be for any of the LA teams to be a participant . As of now , I’m skeptical on the chances of the Dodgers pulling off such a premise and that’s even with a new ownership group at the helm .

    Did David Stern really believe that the sale of the Hornets to the Saints owner Tom Benson would go unnoticed ? And what of the Kings and their predicament ? Joe and Gavin Maloof are ingrates of the highest order and Stern now has what he wants , as he can coerce some dumb politician into shelling out millions to have the Kings’ franchise relocate to a city of their choice .

      • In the AL I believe it will come down to the Tigers and Angels as to who the ALCS champion will be . Somehow , I believe that the Cardinals could make a surprise return to the World Series . With the way Freese has been playing of late for the team . I get the impression that they haven’t missed a beat with the loss of Pujols ! And this is coming from a Braves’ fan . But as you’ve said it’s still too early ! In reality it’s best to wait ’til mid to late August , as then we do tend to see who the ” pretenders” and ” contenders ” really are . wiatst

      • A Tigers-Angels ALCS seems like a great possibility. So far, the Angels look flat, though. I know it is early, but most expected them to come out firing on all cylinders.

        I agree with you on the Cardinals. They aren’t seeming to take the loss of Pujols too badly, as Freese, Holliday and Berkman have the Cardinals in good hands.

  5. Great video podcast (or is it videocast?)!

    Some of my NBA thoughts:

    I (slighty) disagree about the Bulls’ chances this spring. Rose is such a vital component to their offense and crunch time scoring. He clearly is not operating at 100% and the Bulls will suffer as a result. Still a very dangerous team, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Boston finds a way to nock Chicago out of the playoffs in Round 2.

    I’m a Thunder fan and obviously feel that they can make a deep run, but the two teams that scare me in the West are San Antonio and Memphis. The Spurs’ experience and sneaky good role players always give the Thunder trouble. Not to mention that Popovich will almost certainly out-coach Scott Brooks. Memphis is a matchup nightmare for the Thunder (Tony Allen is a monster on defense) and as we learned last spring, Randolph (when healthy) can dominate when he gets going. Last year, the Thunder just barely beat a Memphis team that didn’t have Marc Gasol playing at this level or Rudy Gay playing at all. Trust me, don’t sleep on Memphis.

    • Hi!!

      I think the Bulls could beat the Celtics, because:

      1. While Boston has experience on their side, the Bulls can out-hustle them and win the rebounding (1st in NBA) and second-chance points battles.

      2. C.J. Watson, Ronnie Brewer, Kyle Korver, Taj Gibson and Omer Asik can crush Keyon Dooling, Avery Bradely, Mickael Pietrus, Brandon Bass and Greg Stiemsma.

      I agree with your analysis on Memphis!! What is your Finals pick?

      • No question Bulls have the better rebounding and depth (although Ray Allen is now coming off the bench) than the Celtics, but I have serious concerns about where the Bulls’ primary scoring will come from. Rose and Rip Hamilton have had chronic injuries all season, and now Deng is facing injury woes. Boozer is a shadow of his former self. Kyle Korver is their most “sure thing” scoring option at the moment, which I wouldn’t be too excited about if I was a Bulls fan.

        Finals prediction I’d say Thunder vs Heat, Heat winning in 7. But I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see the Spurs or Grizzlies come out of the West.

    • Memphis is a team def not to be slept on. I just feel this year their big men up front are just too injured. Z-Bo has not fully recovered and Marc Gasol just got injured. We shall see, I think the Lakers with their total team play without Kobe have really made a strong case that no one has it like they do.

  6. Right now, Korver is the MOST “sure thing” the Bulls have for scoring. Rose and Deng are currently injured, Rip Hamilton has missed the majority of the season due to injury. Boozer and Noah aren’t playing to their full potential. Don’t get me wrong, the Bulls are a still a very dangerous team, but I see their offense taking a hit because of Rose, Rip, and Deng’s health. However, with the great rebounding, athleticism, and stellar defense that the Bulls have, maybe they won’t even need to overpower opponents with offense during the playoffs…

    • Rose just has a sore foot and Deng has sore ribs. They will rest up and be ready to dominate in the playoffs.

      The Bulls are built upon a foundation of defense and rebounding. If they execute that to near-perfection (as they have done so far this season), a championship may be on the horizon.

      • I agree about the Bulls being a dangerous team that has great championship potential in upcoming years, I just think the injuries they have suffered this year (in a shortened season) will make it very hard for them to win the Finals this year.

      • That is a valid point. If Rose, Hamilton and Deng are close to 100% in the playoffs, then it will be hard to take down the Bulls. However, I agree with you that if they are still banged up, their chances are slimmer.

  7. Good job Sam. Good podcast. Regardless if the Bulls have a deep bench, which always is a great asset in the playoffs, D. Rose will need to be healthy for Chicago to make any type of run in the East. Without Rose, the Bulls are lacking that major threat in scoring, even with Rip Hamilton coming back to the team.

    • Rose does need to be 100% (or close to it). Also, the Bulls need the one-seed if they want to beat the Heat in a seven-game series, so they better hold the Heat off and keep their stronghold of the one-seed.

      • Yep that stat goes a long way in itelling you a great deal about a team !

        How classless are the Lakers as an organization wherein they’re now waiting on David Stern to suspend Metta World Peace ( aka Ron Artest) ? If GM Mitch Kupchak had the cojones` he’d sit the player for the entire playoffs and fine him …… at a minimum $200,000 ! The Lakers are within their right to suspend the player but they’ve yet to do so . Instead they’re waiting that buffoon David Stern to come to a decision ? The NBA no longer has any integity to it whatsoever ! Not that they had that much to begin with ! Much as in the same way the NFL has never had any at all ! ! Now you have what appears to be solid evidence of other untoward activitry involving Saints GM Mickey Loomis .

        Ex-Saint: Save ‘glorified account’ Loomis from NFL ‘Gestapo’

        By Nate Davis , USA Today

        The New Orleans Saints are having a rough 2012.

        First, a somewhat surprising, last-second playoff ouster at the hands of the 49ers. Next the revelation and fallout from the infamous bounty program run by former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. And just yesterday, an ESPN report accusing GM Mickey Loomis of illegal monitoring coaching communications of opposing teams at the Superdome from 2002-04 .

        Regarding the latest allegations about Loomis, who’s already been hit with an eight-game suspension for his role in Bountygate, fans in the Big Easy are rallying around the home team.

        “They almost look at, right now, ESPN — like the NFL — as the evil empire. We’re almost like the new Raiders, I guess the 21st-century Raiders,” former Saints QB Bobby Hebert, who now works for WWL Radio in New Orleans, said on ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike in the Morning on Tuesday regarding the attitudes of his local listeners. “The NFL is gonna challenge us, ESPN is now challenging us. Now I find that hard to believe.

        “C’mon, the NFL is like the Gestapo — you’re gonna tell me they didn’t know anything about this (the Loomis eavesdropping report) was going on? They know everything that’s going on. Is it like maybe they didn’t want to go in cahoots with ESPN and jump all over the Saints? Because it would look like piling on, you know when you got a man down, you kick them when they’re down? You can’t tell me that the NFL didn’t know anything about this was going on. ‘Oh yeah, we’re just finding this out.’ Yeah, right.”

        Click on link to read in full.

        The league (NFL) doesn’t conduct their investigations with any transparency so in large part the fans can never really know what veracity if any there has been at all . And one wonders why the hierarchy is often seen as a complete joke ! Roger Goodell possesses a yellow streak right down his entire spine ! He’s (Goodell) been good for the NFL as the Ebola virus would be welcomed in a refugee camp in the Darfur region of the Sudan . Can’t put it anymore succinctly than that !

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