2012 NCAA Men’s National Championship Game Preview

146 days after the 2011-12 College Basketball season tipped off, just two teams are left standing – the Kansas Jayhawks and the Kentucky Wildcats. The story lines in this game are amazing – both teams have a Player of the Year candidate (Kansas’ Thomas Robinson and Kentucky’s Anthony Davis), both are historic powerhouses (29 combined Final Four appearances), and they faced-off earlier in the season (Kentucky 75, Kansas 65). Which team will come out on top tomorrow? Will it be the Jayhawks or the Wildcats? Which players will play big roles? What are some intriguing matchups to watch? It’s time to find out…




24 thoughts on “2012 NCAA Men’s National Championship Game Preview

    • If Kansas can slow down Kentucky, the game will be much closer or Kansas might even win. However, they don’t have the power to slow down Kentucky, which is why Kentucky should win comfortably.

  1. I agree that UK will win this game over KU. And exactly as you said, the habit that the Jayhawks have developed of being comeback kids could come back to bite them this game.

  2. I think Kentucky wins however, the favorite to win the tournament doesn’t always play up to their potential. The basketball Gods have never allowed a freshman ladened team such as UK is this year to win the Championship, though this year could well be the exception. Freshman generally lose their way over more experienced teams, but again, this UK team seems to be special. I watched enough NCAA games in my life to know anything can happen and that any team can lose on a given night. If nerves come into play, Kansas could steal it, if they can keep it close, Kansas could steal it, it’s why we play the games. If UK can play without nerves or fear, it’s theirs for the taking. I’ll be pulling for the Jay Hawks but they’ll have to play a near flawless game to win it.

    • Well said, Ken. Kentucky has played all season without too many nerves, and that is why they have thrived under pressure. I doubt nerves will be an issue for them tomorrow.

      I agree that Kansas will have to play a near flawless game to win, but, with Anthony Davis blocking anything and everything that comes his way, it will be near impossible to play flawlessly.

  3. I’m riding Kansas in this one 73-68. Calipari’s one and done recruiting styles always leave his teams with players lacking in fundamentals and true bball IQ. Whether it is boxing out as evidenced by Louisville, not responding to physicality as evidenced by both Vandy in the SEC and Louisville or simply a lack of ability to shoot free throws under pressure because Calipari builds teams that win by blowout margins all year long and aren’t prepared for that scenario, something of this nature always burns him.

    If the game is within 5-7 points for Kansas, they can close it down the stretch. If Kansas gives Kentucky, the proverbial punch in the face, they should win. They just can’t play street-ball with them. They need to eat clock, move the ball and take it inside to get Kentucky bigs in foul trouble.

    Kentucky is obviously the better team, but I just don’t trust Calipari’s coaching. I grew up watching him get out coached with UMASS, and then saw the same thing happen with Memphis and D-Rose. Just seems to follow him around

    • While I agree with some of the things you said, it is hard to see Kentucky repeating the same mistakes. Just because they start five underclassmen does not mean that they won’t learn from their mistakes (boxing out, free throws). Kansas simply does not have enough explosiveness, firepower, speed or strength to bring down Kentucky. I think the game could be within ten points for about 25-30 minutes, then Kentucky will put the pedal to the metal and go on a huge run to close out the game. Kansas can’t keep up with that.

  4. I can’t count either team out. Kentucky’s obviously the favorite, but you can’t count out the Jayhawks and Bill Self, one of the best coaches in college basketball. Also, for lots of Kansas players, this is their last game, so they’ll be playing their hearts out.

  5. Kansas’ best shot was/is the crushing pressure on Kentucky as the shoo-in favorite going into this weekend. The longer the Jawhawks hang around the more it will once more dawn on those fab freshmen their one-and-done seasons are close to being a failure. If the Wildcats come out loose and have that game with the ‘Ville squarely in the rear-view mirror it is hard to see them stumbling against Kansas. I think they were playing a bit tight against the Cardinals and if all that’s out of their system, the Wildcats will cut down the nets.

    • Well said. Most of the Kansas players are facing the opposite situation as the Kentucky players. Many Kansas players are playing in their final game as seniors, and will want to finish strong. Some Kentucky players (David, Kidd-Gilchrist, Teague) are most likely playing their final game of a one-and-done career, and will just want to be remembered in a positive manner.

  6. Hey Sam! Hope I am not late, well actually I am! hehe Anyway, You basically hit all the points that needed to be mentioned and it’s exactly what transpired during the National Championship game. Once again, Kansas’ bad habits put them down. You can never give Kentucky a big lead because it would just be too difficult to come back. I anticipated this game not to be a blowout even though it certainly looked it in the first half. Nonetheless, the Jayhawks made it interesting in the end, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the Wildcats were the better team.

  7. Defensively , the Jayhawks simply couldn’t stand head to head with the Wildcats and that to me was one of the many determining factors in the championship game !

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