Smells So Sweet: Which Teams Will Win Big On Day One Of The Sweet Sixteen

It’s Sweet Sixteen time in the 2012 NCAA Tournament and we certainly haven’t seen the usual load of upsets and heart-pounding finishes. Although this is true, there have been not one, but two 15 seeds knocking off two seeds, as Norfolk State stunned Missouri and Lehigh shocked Duke. Other than those two bracket-busters, there has mostly been chalk. Will that continue in the Sweet Sixteen? It is time to find out. Here are my picks for day one the 2012 Sweet Sixteen:




49 thoughts on “Smells So Sweet: Which Teams Will Win Big On Day One Of The Sweet Sixteen

  1. sam, this post is astounding…from the lede [newspaper talk] to the finish, you take your readers on a fast-paced ride, packed with informed opinion and writing that sizzles.

    great job!

    love from g-pa

  2. I agree with you on Wisky. If we are going to see an upset today it will be in that game. Wish Missouri was still around to face Marquette, was looking forward to that game. I love Ohio State’s chances this year, they received a fraction of the attention this year they did last year and seem to be more balanced as a team with Thomas down low and Craft is a very smart player.

    • Thanks Gary. In terms of the potential Missouri-Marquette game you were talking about, while I think that would have been a great game, Michigan State – Missouri would have been one of the best games in the tournament.

  3. Sam

    My brackets have been busted , so my work colleagues and I have resorted to assessing the remaining teams , placing their names on a piece of paper and then sticking them up on a dart-board . Then we simply take shots at determining a winner . .

    By the way there’s no truth to the rumors that Stan Van Gundy will take his talents to the WNBA and coach a team ….. there . Damn ! I wish he would !

    Rumor has it that Saints’ owner Tom Benson is looking to hire a hit-man to ” take out “ Sean Payton , Joe Vitt and Gregg Williams . Now wouldn’t that be something ? Saints’ GM Mickey Loomis is said to have gone into hiding . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    • The wins by Norfolk State and Lehigh surely busted quite a bit of brackets.

      About the Saints, I am glad that the NFL is starting to hand out strict punishments. The bounties are an act of crime, and it is releiving to see the penalties come forth.

  4. No doubt there’ve been some terrific results in the tournament and it will abate the idiocy of these on air personalities claiming that many of the smaller programs shouldn’t be there at all .

    I’m just glad that Goodell has finally shown that he’s got a backbone ! I actually thought that he was a a eunuch ! No ‘ balls’ whatsoever ! Next up should Payton be allowed to return to his position , given the fact that he lied repeatedly not only to owner Tom Benson but also to Goodell and the investigators from the NFL ? $500,000 is a small price to pay ….. financially given the millions in revenues that the Saints receive annually .

  5. Nice job. The Badgers lack of front court depth scares me. Not sure they can get by an Orange team that has way more offensive firepower. I’ll be rooting for Bo Ryan and company…

  6. Great post Sam. The Louisville Cardinals vs. Michigan State Spartans game is a toss up to me. Siva is finally anchoring the offense and if he is able to drive and dish consistently, Louisville has a great chance in winning this game. I am just glad you had Ohio St. winning or I would’ve went crazy… hehe

  7. The MSU Spartans now how have feet of clay or more appropriately concrete ? Dead and buried ! Now it’s on to the next round where just about anything and everything could very well happen .

    So Tim Tebow and Antonio Cromartie might not be sharing the same area of seating when the Jets travel for their away games next season ? That was really a warm welcome to Tebow from the Jets’ player before the trade don’t you think ?

  8. Sam

    With the outlay made by the Marlins in terms of their off-season moves it’s now or never for the organization . I use to be a fervent supporter of the team (now an avid Braves’ fan) ’til that butt-hole Jeffrey Loria becamse such a lying SOB ! They’re ready off to a horrible start and it could very much mirror their entire season in terms of their inept play so far .

    If at all interested let me know what you think ? Merely click unto link shown to view .

    An Ass By Any Other Name Is Still An Ass !


  9. For now they’re a decent ….. team but look at the mess Guillen now has himself in after his comments concerning Fidel Castro ? How much of an @ss does this guy happen to be ? And did he not realize what outrage his comments would create in of all places Miami ? A city where more than 55% of the populace just happens to be of Cuban lineage and anti Castro.

    Courtesy of USA Today

    Ozzie Guillen on the hot seat over Fidel Castro remarks

    Ozzie Guillen became known as perhaps baseball’s most outspoken figure during eight years of making often-outrageous statements as manager of the Chicago White Sox, once getting fined for uttering a homophobic slur .

    None of those comments, however, evoked either the firestorm of reaction or the contrition on his part over Guillen’s latest controversial remarks.

    Guillen, the new manager of the renamed Miami Marlins, is returning to Miami to hold a 10:30 a.m. news conference Tuesday at Marlins Park, with the intent of apologizing in person and answering questions about his expressed admiration for Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. The club has the day off in the midst of a three-game series in Philadelphia against the Phillies.

    MORE: Guillen to address Castro comments in Miami
    COLUMN: Weir: Marlins need to suspend Guillen
    PHOTOS: Ozzie Guillen: Colorful and controversial

    “I want the people there,” Guillen told news reporters before Monday’s 6-2 victory against the Phillies. “I feel very guilty, sad and embarrassed. Anyone who wants to be there, feel free. I want the Cuban people to understand what I’m going to say, because everything I’m going to say is true.”

    Click on link to read in full.


      • Sam don’t blame Ozzie Guillen …. solely for this mess but also the Marlins’ front office as they sold their souls to the Devil to get him as the next manager to succeed Jack McKeon . I mean this is the same guy who derided Ken Williams and Jerry Reinsdorf , the two senior most executives within the White Sox organization . And the Marlins expected this to be all smooth sailing ? What a bunch of idiots !

        The warning signs were already there with his antics before he left the White Sox . His anti homophobic rants , and expletive laced postgames interviews in the end became way too much ! And it simply showed him to be a coach who’d lost his touch in spite of the World Series’
        win .

        Ozzie is about to be designated a state department special ambassador as he’s about to be assigned a post in Iran . Nice !

  10. Sam

    The Marlins’ front office knew exactly what they were getting with Ozzie Guillen ! So for them to be to somewhat angered by this all is a joke ! Guillen derided White Sox execs Kenny Williams (general manager ) and owner Jerry Reinsdorf as way of getting himself out of Chi-town and you’re suggesting that the Marlins didn’t know what to expect from this ” moron “ ? It’s been a pattern of behavior of his for years that simply hasn’t changed . Never mind his anti homophobe slurs and expletive laden rants in his postgame interviews . Guillen’s IQ might just be higher than that of Paris Hilton’s and Kim Kardashaian’s combined !

    Lamar Odom is a cretin ! A wannabe reality tv star whose NBA career has been on the decline . Never mind the fact that he and “skanky wife ” </b< supposedly avow their love for each other and want kids . Perhaps if he acknowledged the kids he'd already fathered then perhaps someone could take him seriously . The Mavericks were right to cut him having bought out his contract !

    tophatal ……..

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