2011-12 Midseason NBA Awards

The  NBA All-Star break is now wrapping up, and that means that it is time for my 2011-12 NBA Midseason Awards. We’ve had many breakout stars as well as guys who have been making plays for the past 15 years. Taking all of those players into account, I have compiled 2011-12 Midseason NBA Awards: (ALL GRAPHICS MADE BY SAM BRIEF)



79 thoughts on “2011-12 Midseason NBA Awards

  1. I gotta say that I don’t understand your reasoning behind Lin being the comeback player of the year. I see where he is having a good year with the Knicks, but this is his first time being on the big stage exclusively.. Good story, but not the comeback player of the year.

  2. Great awards Sam. Irving is indeed having a great season and he once again proved it in All-Star weekend by winning the MVP. I would agree with all your other winners… I am not sure Lin played enough games to be the comeback player of the year just yet, however I seriously hope he can continue his great play throughout the rest of the season. Good job.

  3. As far as LIn is concerned, it really comes down to semantics as to whether or not he is “eligible” for “comeback” awards…you do have to have been somewhere to come back from it. I don’t have a problem calling Lin a comeback player because he did make an attempt to crack other teams’ rosters to no avail…and now is setting records in New York. I do understand those questioning what constitutes a “comeback.” I think Doug Collins’ job in Philly has been the best to-date but then again…I’m not exactly a neutral voter in that situation!

    • He did start multiple games on both the Warriors and Knicks, so that definitely constitutes a comeback.

      I think the fact that the Spurs play so well on the road is due in part to excellent coaching by Popovich, plus the fact the Ginobili is injured.

  4. Lin should hands down win Most Improved, maybe not Comeback player since he wasn’t good in the first place… I thought comeback player was supposed to be someone who was good then sucked then was good again, but it’s always hard to figure out the true meaning of awards sometimes. I’d go with Lebron for MVP. He’s having his best season ever including his MVP years. Kobe is having a great year, but he got outplayed by Jeremy Lin in his favorite building to shine. That loses you an MVP vote from me hahaha!

  5. I disagree with you on all but two and thats six man/DOF LOL. LeBron is clearly the MVP
    I am sick of Lin-Sanity its over can. Its all ESPN making him into this legend. Most Improved is Kyle Lowy, his a better point Guard and his team is better and in harder conference and the toighest division in the NBA; SA, Dallas and Memphis. But that’s just my opinion I respect yours good article Sam keep up the great work

      • Well Kyle Lowy should of been an all-star. Lin never started last season, he’s overrated and I am sick of it now. Jeremy Lin will lose his starting job, he shouldn’t but he will. He’s too poplaur to be benched but still think he’s overrated/overhyped. I like the guy but enough is enough sick of the story mainly. Its like Tim Tebow all over again and I got sick of that and I’m a huge Tebow fan. ESPN needs to stop prase’s him like he’s a elite guard because he’s not!!!!!! To me most improved should be awarded to someone that started last season or played in enough games to be known. Jeremy Lin wasn’t known last season. Just my opinion

  6. Sam

    Lin may well have gone to Harvard but that economics degree just doesn’t seem to working into his play somehow. Isn’t there anyone on DAntoni’s coaching staff who can assist the kid ? Just asking that’s all !

    Don’t get me wrong I love Steve Nash </a. as a player but his sentiment in wanting to end his career with the Suns has me wondering if he's been drugged by someone within the organization's front office ?

    If at all interested let me know what you think ? Simply click unto to the link shown to view .

    Stupid Is As Stupid Does …. Fu#k , It’s Baseball I’m Talking About …… !


  7. If I’m Stan Van Gundy I’d be hanging my head in complete shame ! In light of the loss to the Bobcats by the Magic . At one point the Magic had a 20 point lead midway through the third quarter . What what else can go wrong other than Dwight Howard now demanding a trade ? The Bocbcats had been on a 23 consecutive game losing streak . Need I say anymore on the matter ?

    How much of a butt-head is Mike Brown ? His post-game interview after the Lakers’ loss to the Wizards says everything you need to know about the guy ! He’s an a## !

  8. Sam

    Before Lin got on the court for the Knicks , DAntoni wouldn’t have known his point guard were he seated on the bench while the player was in the midst of a conversation speaking with movie director Spike Lee at Madison Square Garden ! Have you looked at the Knicks’ roster and seen who the other point guards are on that team ? Lin is working at his craf t but he is a long way off from where he ultimately needs to be and the coaches are not providing him with the assistance he needs to hone his craft ! It’s not dissimilar with Tebow in Denver with quarterbacks’ coach there Adam Gase .

  9. Another six turnovers for Lin in the Knicks’ loss to the Sixers . Still feel that DAntoni and the coaching staff don’t bear any responsibility in having the kid prepared ? Lin turns the ball over the way Romney flip-flops on so many political issues . It’s now sixty plus and counting and his NBA career is barely 20 games into a fledgling season .

    As for the Bobcats when and if Websters chooses to redefine the words ” putrid “ and ” mediocrity “ in some way then hopefully they’ll point to the Bobcats in their current guise . Your thoughts ?

    To Lin courtesy of Kanye West


    tophatal ……….

  10. Nash and Stoudemire already had those capabilities before they were in the presence of DAntoni . Stoudemire was something of playground legend here in C Florida ( within my locale ) and many knew already what he was capable of. Like I’ve said repeatedly, the Knicks’ coach has never been concerned with defense at all ! It’s not part of his makeup and we’re now seeing that with the team’s most recent …. performances . They won’t stand a cat in hell’s chance should they make the playoffs . They’re not that good defensively (allowing 96.5 ppg in the NBA) ! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that fact !

    In reality what did the teams in Phoenix achieve during his tenure in terms a record ?

  11. I had Duke making it to the Sweet 16 and then from thereon-in it’d be a damn crap shoot ! They got snuffed out in the time it’d take me to pull the ring off a can of beer .

    Now all I’m doing is watching the scores and keeping a watchful eye on the Spurs . The moment I heard that Pop added that “psychopath” Stephen Jackson to the roster it had me feeling ever so queasy . All it’d take is a simple hiccup and a mental spat from that idiot and the team’s ambitions simply goes up in smoke !

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