Super Bowl XLVI Preview

149 days, 3,576 hours, 214,560 minutes and 12,873,600 seconds ago, the New Orleans Saints and the Green Bay Packers kicked off the 2011-12 NFL

Graphic made by Sam Brief…

season with a bang. 149 days later, only two teams remain: The New York Giants and the New England Patriots. It’s Super Bowl XLVI, and it’s football’s biggest stage. Here’s my comprehensive preview of America’s most watched event complete with a prediction.



23 thoughts on “Super Bowl XLVI Preview

  1. Great preview, Sam. I was going to do one of my own, but then I just didn’t have time and also lots of people have previews up so there wasn’t much of a point. I don’t know why we always have such similar predictions. Honestly, I’m not copying you, I predict the Giants will win 30-27, which is only a point off of your prediction!

  2. The Giants were on a revenge tour all the way up until last week. The Patriots have been on a revenge tour all playoffs long. They owe the Giants. And the Patriot defense has been different in the playoffs. Brady will not be denied today.

  3. Great analysis this week Sam just like all season! I have to disagree despite their obvious defensive flaws I think the pats will put it together for a game for the ages. I’ll take my chances with Belicheck getting two weeks to prepare for a team that destroyed him 4 years ago and a team he already lost to this season.
    I don’t like how cocky the giants are being this time around. I like them playing the underdog roll looking for respect.
    I predict the Pats to go up early and hold on to win 28-24

  4. Great graphics and write-up. It was a thrilling game even with the misplays by the Patriots. They played hard on both sides and the Giants won; 21 -17. Woohoo! TY for stopping by. I love your blog.

  5. Great post Sam! Myra Kraft might have blew Billy Cundiff’s field goal, but didn’t have enough power to push that football closer to Rob Gronkowski in the end zone. Overall, it was a great and tight game. Unfortunately for the Patriots, they lose again to the Giants, which is going to be a tough pill to swallow for a while.

    • Thanks! Really great game, I think the difference was that in the fourth quarter, the Giants’ receivers made plays for Eli Manning (see: Mario Manningham), while the Patriots’ receivers just didn’t do the same for Tom Brady.

  6. Sam

    Die-hard Pats’ fan , came away with a feeling of daja-vu once again after Manningham’s stupendous catch ! The inevitable unfolded in front my eyes and I just took it for what it was, another bad display by the Pats’ secondary !

    First Tyree and now Manningham ! What next ?

    tophatal ……..

      • There’s now talk if there’s ever a remake or sequel to the movie ” Groundhog Day” then the Patriots will be front and center , to be cast in a supporting role . What’s up with Gisele being critical of Brady’s teammates and not of her husband ? Last I looked he wears a Patriots’ uniform and is actually paid by the organization . And when I say paid ………... he is being paid !

        Brady may well have gone through that extraordinary spell during the game with a string of consecutive passes but this is a team game and no excuses can be made when you lose . Complacency set in and that’s something that the players and in particular Belichick need to address .

        tophatal ………………. 😉

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