2011-12 NFL Awards

As the NFL Season winds down, many stars have flourished under pressure, separating the best from the rest. Some others have shown their most glaring flaws when their teams needed them most. Some have grown before our very eyes, while others have regressed greatly. Taking into account of all these traits, I have compiled my list of the 2011-12 NFL Awards.



37 thoughts on “2011-12 NFL Awards

  1. Gimme A-Rod as MVP. Better TD-to-INT ratio and 15-1 record this year. Offensive Player of the Year can be Brees though. And for those saying that Rodgers shouldn’t win MVP because of the performance of Matt Flynn against the Lions, everyone lights up the Lions. Their secondary was HORRIBLE!

  2. Its been a great NFL season so far and you have done a great job highlighting the “greatness” behind the plays. Go Giants in SB

  3. I totally agree with you on your MVP selection. We call him “Tommy Terrific” for a reason! He is, as I type, in the air, on his way to Indy, to bring New England back another championship! Go Pats!

  4. Hey Sam! Great picks! Alex Smith definitely wins the “Comeback Player” Award… Plaxico Burress is right behind him and had a great comeback season as well. The Jets didn’t use him quite the way you’re supposed to but I look for him to be even better next season.

    Brees is locked in on Offensive Player of the year… Hands down, the man broke records. Enough said. Keep it up Sam!

  5. Ah awards season it’s as the saying goes ………..” beauty is in the eye of the beholder ” . Unfortunately there’ll be many of us who will ultimately agree with the choices made while others will not .

    Don’t worry about overpaid NBA stars missing free throws as there are far more important things in life . Just ask Billy Cundiff and Kyle Williams . ”nough said on the matter don’t you think ?

    tophatal ……..

    • Brees is definitely a strong MVP candidate. Brady has put the team on his back all year long, though. It’s tough for a team run by ‘spare parts’ to finish 13-3 and go to the Super Bowl. Brady has led them.

  6. Alex definitely deserves the comeback award, I still can’t believe he cut his Int’s in half from his best season. I’d defintely pick Brees for MVP. I think Brady had a good year, but honestly, his 13-3 record came against a bunch of teams with below .500 records…

  7. Biased results ? Look at who adjudicates for the MVP in baseball and the NBA and the NFL ? Journalists who supposedly cover the sports in question but when it comes to showing clarity of judgment they’re a complete failure ! Never mind the fact these very same idiots who covered baseball in the ” steroids era “ acted as if it were an aberration !

    Can’t put it anymore succinctly than that !

    tophatal …………

  8. Sam

    The NFL writers much like their MLB counterparts are gifted in so many ways ! Dumb as a box of rocks !

    You could have the premise of a group of chimpanzees who’d have come up with a more credible explanation for including Carter and Parcells but we’re led to believe that the writers didn’t believe that either was worthy because they said so ?

    tophatal …………

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