Last week, my wild-card predictions were AAACB (As accurate as can be). I went 4-for-4 including a successful upset pick (Broncos over Steelers). Forgetting the fact that I was 4-for-4, all of my descriptions and scores were precise. You can view them here.

Also, check out my overall 2012 NFL Playoff Predictions (made before the playoffs started) here.

After that juggernaut performance, we move on to the Divisional Round. With a week highlighted by high-profilie rematches, I’m hoping to keep my golden touch into the next round of Me vs. the teams I didn’t pick.

Enjoy and feel free to drop a comment by. I would love to hear all of your picks!

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New Orleans Saints @ San Francisco 49ers- This one is a classic example of an explosive offense v. a punishing defense. The Saints lead the NFL in four major offensive categories and the 49ers lead the NFC in five defensive categories. Drew Brees has been on an absolute tear of late, with 17 touchdowns in his last four games. The 49ers defense has been stellar. While they boast the best rushing defense in the NFL, their passing defense is

There is no doubt that Drew Brees will show up this Sunday against the 49ers, but it'll be the mini guy, Darren Sproles who can make all the difference for the 'Who Dat?' Nation

only 16th in the NFL. Look for Brees to penetrate the holes in the 49ers’ secondary, while Darren Sproles plays a huge role in the short passing game. The main issue for the 49ers in this game will be their inconsistent offense failing to keep up with an electrifying Saints’ offense.

Saints 27, 49ers 17

Difference maker: Darren Sproles



  1. Can’t argue with any of those picks Sam. I agree with the anything can happen at anytime.
    I like The Ravens as well, but the anything can happen to look at their is Joe Flacco. As long as he can try not to be the hero.

    I’m also wondering if the San Francisco groundskeepers have 1) cut the grass at all this week and 2) will accidentally on-purpose leave the water running over-night to muddy up the field in an attempt to slow down the Saints and Sproles. Now that would be a real home-field advantage and completely within the rule books. The Red Sox grounds crew used to employ these tactics when facing the speedy Rickey Henderson back in the day. Haha.

    I am also sick of hearing about the Giants swagger and I hate when players talk trash and offer bulletin board material before big games like this. I am however not sold on a winner in that game just yet. Still working the numbers. My worry is this. Can the Giants do just enough to slow down a Packers Offense that allows the 4th most sacks in the NFL versus a defense that has sacked the QB the most in the NFL this year and has 17 sacks in their last 3 games. Should be a great game and I hope that we get to see Eli and Rodgers battle it out in the 4th. May come down to the last drive again.

    I give the Broncos no chance this week. People keep ripping the Pats defense. The Pats D has given up 21.4 PPG while Denver allows 24.3 and that gap grows while the Pats are at home. They only allow 19.0 PPG to Denver’s 25.6. The Pats have the same amount of sacks as Denver has recorded this year and they have 34 turnovers to the Broncos 18. I am still not sure why the analysts continue to harp on the Packers and Patriots Defense for teh amount of yards they allow. It is the least important stat out there in my opinion. Also the Pats defense has allowed almost 1700 yards passing in the 4th quarter this season when leading by 10 or more points and playing in a prevent defense. People just look at the numbers but not how they get to those numbers which is more important in my eyes.

    Great post as always and Good Luck

    • Thanks! With the parity in all major sports, anything can truly happen.

      You’re right, Flacco can’t try to be the hero, their defense will make all the difference in this one.

      Ha! If the 49ers tried that, I’m sure they’d see some fines coming their way. They sure need it , though, because Brees and the Saints’ offense doesn’t run fluidly in bad weather.

      I really think the Packers will beat the Giants. To be honest, no one really has a chance to beat them in Lambeau. Aaron Rodgers can dominate any defense, and no offense can keep up with the Packers.

      I think the Broncos have a slim chance, but Tebow has to put up points. If he doesn’t, then they truly have no chance. Another thing I’m sick of is this Brady v. Tebow talk. I think Gronkowski v. McGahee will make all the difference in this one.

      Thanks JB and same to you!

  2. Great picks again Sam, can’t disagree this week also. You and I have got the same picks for two straight weeks now! I do think though that the Giants-Packers game will be closer, Eli is clutch, you can’t deny that. The TJ Yates Cinderella story will come to a close, sadly, by the Ravens D. And I really agree with you about the Saints and Niners game. 27 points is a really good prediction for the Saints as after all, the 49ers have one of the best defenses in the NFL.

    • Glad we agree, Nik. I think that as clutch as Eli Manning is, he won’t be able to keep up with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers’ offense. With a 4-3 record on a team led by running and defense, I wouldn’t exactly call it a ‘Cinderella Season’ for T.J. Yates, though.

  3. I’m gonna go with the Niners winning a close one this week. I remember when the Niners played the Giants and no one gave them a chance and they pulled that game out as well. I have the 49ers winning 27-24.

  4. With the NFL now a pass/offensive based league, it’s still good to know that no matter what, defense wins championships. A surprising attack by the Niners to edge out the Saints, but I was with you as well Sam, I thought the Saints were going to win.

    • The NFL is currently being revolutionized. It used to be ground and pound, now it’s pass the ball, score 30 points, and win. Sadly, the issue with that is when your offense doesn’t perform (like the Saints for the first three quarters), you suddenly become vulnerable.

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