The NFL Playoffs are just about to begin, and there are sure to be some riveting match ups as the playoffs progress.

Here are my 2012 NFL Playoff Predictions- Everything from the first kickoff to the final snap.




















It is surely going to be another action-packed playoffs with some surprises and some early exits. As you can see above, my Super Bowl pick is the Packers over the Ravens, 31-24, as the Lombardi Trophy stays in Green Bay for another year.

By Sam Brief

The Sports Blog Movement

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9 thoughts on “2012 NFL PLAYOFF PREDICTIONS

  1. Good picks, can’t go wrong.
    It’s going to be good.

    I like the Saints to win it all.

    Of course I really want my Niners to win though!

    • Like I said before, I don’t think the Saints’ offense runs smoothly enough to win in the cold (Green Bay). The Packers will make it a shoot-out, and the Saints simply won’t be able to keep up.

      Good luck to the Niners!

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