Wow, what a ride. After 13 weeks of touchdowns, triumphs, and torment, the College Football regular season is over. Now that Championship Week is over, the best of the best will go bowling. Now, it’s time for my 2011 regular season College Football awards.

(Note: Candidates are not listed in any particular order)


The Cam Newton Award for Best Quarterback:

Russell Wilson, Wisconsin (2879 yds, 31 TD, 3 INT, 191.6 RAT)

Andrew Luck, Stanford (3170 yds, 35 TD, 9 INT, 117.0 RAT)

Case Keenum, Houston (5099 yds, 45 TD, 5 INT, 177.9 RAT)

Matt Barkley, USC (3528 yds, 39 TD, 7 INT, 161.2 RAT)

Robert Griffin III (3998 yds, 36 TD, 6 INT, 192.3 RAT)


















Winner: Robert Griffin III, Baylor

Why? Robert Griffin III has been a force of nature for the Baylor Bears this season. If you look at his quarterback rating, you know why he is the best, and out of these candidates, he has had the toughest competition. RG3 has led his team to victories over #14 TCU, #5 Oklahoma, and #22 Texas. He is as athletic as any player in the NCAA, and has a cannon of an arm. Robert Griffin III, the best quarterback of 2011.

Honorable Mention- Brandon Weeden (Oklahoma State)


17 thoughts on “2011 COLLEGE FOOTBALL AWARDS

  1. Tyrann Mathieu is the best player in college football thus he deserves the Heisman trophy. He’s the player that I have to see every week.

  2. Great job as always Sam, and I agree, as electrifying as Tyrann is, he was suspended for the 1st game of the yr, so I think that automatically takes him out.

    • Thanks Ken! While the suspension is definitely a factor, I don’t think it automatically takes him out. I just can’t see him ahead of any of the other candidates I have.

  3. Based on last night’s awards you got 4 out of 6 correct … not too shabby! And I agree with one of your misses — Montee Ball definitely had the best year of any running back. Yes, he’s less of an NFL prospect than Trent Richardson, but the award isn’t supposed to be for college running back who will go highest in the 2012 draft.

    • Yes I was very accurate with my awards! I think Montee deserved the award for best running back more than Trent. He had more yards AND touchdowns (almost twice as many.) The fact that LaMichael James and Richardson were the 2 RBs for the All-America team sickens me. Montee ball > LaMichael James (not even close.)

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