We must put the BCS to a stop, and put it to a stop now. It is absurd, useless, unfair, and just plain wrong. 

College Football simply cannot go on this way.

TCU may have won the 2011 Rose Bowl, but we will never know if they were capable of winning the National Championship.

In 1998, the NCAA started using the Bowl Championship Series (BCS). They had always used bowl games, but the new system included an extremely complicated system of equations to determine the rankings, and eventually, who plays in which bowl games.


The system is totally unfair and ridiculous. Last year, TCU went 12-0 in the regular season, but didn’t get a chance to play for the BCS National Championship game just because they don’t play in an AQ (Automatic Qualifier) conference. They went to the Rose Bowl, and defeated the Big Ten powerhouse Wisconsin Badgers. This victory proved that they could compete with the big boys. Now, none of us will ever know if TCU could have won the National Championship.

President Barack Obama has been quoted on saying that College Football needs a playoff system. Even the men of the highest stature know that there needs to be a change.

BCS coordinator John Swofford has said that the BCS system makes way for a much more exciting regular season. Yes it does, but only because under the BCS, the postseason doesn’t matter!

ESPN attempts to make the BCS more appealing to fans by airing the “BCS Standing Reveled” show. This is where they show one-by-one the top 10 teams in the BCS standings. This doesn’t fool me, the drama may be exciting, but we must remember that only 2 teams even have a chance to play for the championship. Anyway, “Selection Sunday”, which is the system that is used to reveal the seeding for the NCAA basketball tournament if much more fun to watch.

The MLB has 8. The NFL has 12. The NBA and NHL have 16. NCAA basketball has 65. NCAA football

This year, UConn was the Champion of the 2011 Men's NCAA Basketball tournament. They were 1 of 65 teams who could have won.

has… 2. I repeat, 2. Are you kidding me? 2? 

That is how many teams in College Football have a chance to win the National Championship in the postseason. 


Last year, Auburn and Oregon competed for the National Championship because they were ranked #1 and #2. Auburn won the game by a score of 22-19, and were declared the champions of the College Football world in 2010. 

But, what if…? What if under-appreciated TCU could have won it? What if powerhouses such as Oklahoma or Ohio State could have won it? What if history was made, and an extreme underdog such as Northern Illinois or Troy made a surprising run to be crowned champion?

We will never know.

Under a tournament/playoff system we will know if a team can do what VCU did in the NCAA college

What if...?: What if a team like Northern Illinnois, who defeated fresno state 40-17 in the uDrove Humanitarian bowl, could have made a shocking run to the National Championship game?

basketball tournament last year. 

What I am proposing is a 2-bracket, 16 teams in each tournament. The winners of each bracket play each other in the National Championship game.

Simple and to the point. No advanced formulas or unfairness. Just plain, simple excitement.

A playoff postseason system would make College Football a much better, fair, and fun sport to watch. We can only hope that the NCAA can get this type of playoff system implemented as soon as possible. 

And if they don’t, I have one message to the NCAA:

The clock is ticking on College Football’s future.

If the NCAA doesn't make a change soon, the future of College Football looks bleak.

By Sam Brief


11 thoughts on “STOP THE MADNESS!

  1. Very persuasive!

    How would you respond to the contention that a playoff system such as you propose would require four postseason games (at least for the ultimate title contenders) instead of one? That’s three more weeks of tough games for college players who are used to playing just 11 or 12 each year?

    Also, a 16-team playoff would take up 15 bowl games … leaving another couple dozen that not many would watch. Of course, the world might not be worse off for losing such classics as the Bowl, the Beef O’Brady’s Bowl, or the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl.

    “This one’s for all the pepperoni …”

  2. I understand a lot of peoples frustration with the BCS system, but Im telling you can magically wave a wand over the current system and having a playoff system “poff” appear and it wont fix all problems, and is A LOT HARDER to get done that what people even realize. nice post.

    family traveling and the amount of money parents would ahve to sell out for 3 or 4 bowl games would be insane, just a little thought, most people/fans dont think about.

    theres really not a perfect fix im telling you.

    so just enjoy college football!!!!

  3. It’s time to change. The unfairness of the system is killing teams and there’s virtually no reason for teams like TCU to try and compete because they can’t get to the National Championship like other teams. I like your proposal, something simple and to the point would be much better.

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