He is as honest as ballplayers come these days, and it is finally paying off for Jim Thome.

Last night, in Detroit, Jim Thome hit both his 599th and 600th home runs in the same game, the first player ever to do that.

On Monday, Thome became the first player in MLB history to hit both his 599th and 600th home run in the same game.

Thome’s legacy will not completely be about the fact that he hit 600 home runs and is one of the great players to ever step on the baseball diamond. People will remember him as one of the nicest, most genuine, and most honest players to ever step on the baseball diamond. Even though Thome played in the midst of the PED era, I think there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Thome passed on the ‘roids. He is as clean and as honest as they come.

In addition for his honesty, Thome is known around the MLB as one of the nicest, kindest players in the big leagues. In May, Sports Illustrated conducted a survey, asking 290 MLB players who they thought the nicest player in baseball was.

Jim Thome got more votes than any other player, taking 21% of the vote. 2nd place was Phillies OF Raúl Ibañaz, with only 7% of the vote. This shows that Thome definitely gets the recognition he deserves.

Indian religions believe in the concept of “karma.” This says that when you do a good deed, good things happen to you, and when you commit a sin, bad things happen to you. Karma definitely applies in this situation. Jim Thome definitely deserves reaching this feat, because though acts of kindness and honesty, he powered through and hit number 600. Even though he is at the unripe age of 40, he still got the feat of 600 home runs past him.

President Abraham Lincoln was once known as “Honest Abe” due to him being a truly honest President in a world of corruption and dishonesty. This relates to Thome, because in the world of baseball, with steroids and plenty of dishonesty, Thome remains clean and honest. He is one of just a few bright spots in an otherwise murky world of

Jim Thome always has a smile on his face, and puts one on everybody around him.


Thome is now complete; he is one of the best power hitters of his time, with every one of his accomplishments without the influence of steroids, and all while keeping a smile on his face, and putting one on everyone around him.

Abe Lincoln sure was an honest guy, but we can forget about honest Abe, because now, it’s all about honest Jim.

By Sam Brief


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