It is one of the biggest mistakes that sports fans all over the world make.

“The Chicago Cubs are one of the historic, great franchises in baseball.”

How are the Cubs one of the historic or great franchises in baseball? People have to realize that there is a fine line between historic, and just old. Just because the Cubs are old (in pro

This has become quite a normal reaction for Cubs' fans, but after 103 years of losing, there surely is reason to sob.

baseball since 1903), doesn’t mean that they are historic or great.

A historic, great franchise is one who wins many championships, has many great players, is consistently a winning team each and every year, and always delivers in the playoffs.

The New York Yankees are historic and great. They have won 27 World Series (the most out of any MLB franchise), have had historic figures on the team such as Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth, Yogi Berra, Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Reggie Jackson, and Derek Jeter, and Mariano Rivera. The Yankees have retired 16 numbers (not including Jackie Robinson), which is the most of any team, and have 36 hall of fame players, managers, and executives. They have

The Yankees are a prime example of a historic franchise. Yogi Berra (pictured) appeared in 14 World Series (10 of which he won) for the Bronx Bombers.

also had a winning season 18 years in a row, and have only had 16 losing seasons in their 97 years of existence, an outstanding feat. Also, the Yankees are known to be very clutch and always give their best performances in the playoffs. They are the most recognized team in professional sports. The Yankees are a true winning, great, and historic franchise.

On the other hand, there are the Chicago Cubs.

They have won 2 World Series, and haven’t won one since 1908, a 103 year drought. They have not had a great amount of outstanding players. Outside of Ron Santo, Ernie Banks, and Fergie Jenkins, they don’t have that many great players in their history. The Cubs have retired 6 numbers (not including Jackie Robinson). The Cubs have had 52 winning seasons and 53 losing seasons, so they are not a historically winning team. The Cubs are also known to choke in the playoffs, and have gone 103 years without winning a World Series.

A true historic team is best known for its winning many championships, not its 103 year championship drought like the Cubs are best known for.

The Cubs are just an old franchise, not a historic franchise or a great franchise. If the Cubs didn’t play in Chicago, and played in a city like Seattle or Kansas City, they would be a total afterthought.

When someone says “Chicago Cubs”, usually the first thought that pops into people’s heads is “they haven’t won a World Series for 100+ years.” This is one of the most telling signs on

Head hung low: Milton Bradley walks back to the dugout after a strikeout. It's not just the Cubs' fans, the players are losing patience with losing games.

why the Cubs are not a historic or winning team at all.

Cubs fans sure are very patient, though, and maybe, just maybe, the Cubs will win a World Series sometime.

As Cubs great Ernie Banks once said:

“Good things happen to those who wait…and wait….and wait.”

By Sam Brief


7 thoughts on “A 103 YEAR OLD CONFUSION

  1. Shocked at author’s not so subtle Cub bashing. White sox are historic only for their infamy, yes I ‘m talking about the1919 Black Sox scandal(which I still find troubling today). And historic White Sox superstars? Smokey Burgess, maybe? C’mon.

  2. What an articulate and accurate post! I don’t detect any “bashing” at all … just the cold hard (and, for Cubs fans, painful) truth. If this team weren’t located in the country’s third largest city then they would be an afterthought in the world of sports. To me the interesting question is how could one team be so unsuccessful over such a long period — probability theory would suggest that they should have at least stumbled into the World Series at least once in the past 65 years, but no …

  3. Wow, interesting question you bring up Sam. The Cubs are historic ONLY because they have a storied history. I guess a storied history doesn’t have to be winning. It’s more of a storied history that’s bad, because of the many curses/bad memories.

  4. Your great player arguement makes holds no weight. The Cubs have 45 players in the HOF, whereas the Yankees have 36. Would I trade in nine of those players for WS championships? Hell yes I would, but to deny the Cubs (or even the White Sox) of being historic is ridiculous.

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