Home runs, strikeouts, controversies, wins, and losses. The first half of this MLB season has been a wild one.

Now that we are at the All-Star break, here are my 2011 MLB midseason awards:

First, the good:


Jose Baustista (Toronto Blue Jays)– Jose Bautista is the best power hitter in the MLB. He leads the league with 31 home runs and is 7th in the majors with 67 RBI. Bautista’s WAR (Wins Above

Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista currently leads the league with 31 home runs, and is the midseason AL MVP.

Replacement) is completely off the charts, and the best in the league. He also leads the majors in OPS, slugging precentage, on base precentage, and walks. Let’s not forget that he is also batting .334, which is 3rd in the MLB, and he got the most votes out of any player for the MLB all-star game. If he doesn’t slow down, Bautista at AL MVP is a total no brainer.

AL Cy Young:

Justin Verlander (Detroit Tigers)- Verlander is having his best season yet. He has dominated pretty much every single lineup that he has faced. He leads the majors with 147 strikeouts, and is second in wins (12), and third in ERA (2.15). Verlander also has a 0.87 WHIP, which also leads the MLB. In addition, it is hard to forget the fact that Verlander threw a no-hitter this season, a pure sign of his dominance. He also led the Tigers to first-place in their division at the all-star break. Verlander is a clear-cut choice for the AL Cy Young Award assuming that he keeps dominating.


Jose Reyes is playing out of his mind this season, with a .354 batting average and 30 stolen bases, Reyes is the midseason NL MVP.

Jose Reyes (New York Mets)– The surprising Reyes leads the MLB with an astounding .354 batting average! He also is 2nd in the league with 32 stolen bases. Reyes is 4th in the Majors with 65 runs. He also leads the National League in hits, he has an outstanding 124. We can’t forget about what he has done outside of stats, though. Jose Reyes brought the Mets from a struggling team that couldn’t score a run, and had financial troubles, to a team that is above .500. Reyes has completely electrified the whole MLB with his amazing play, and it is extremely hard to look past Reyes as the obvious selection for NL MVP, if he keeps playing out of his mind like this.

NL Cy Young:

Jair Jurrjens (Atlanta Braves)- Jair Jurrjens is definitely the most underrated pitcher in the MLB. He leads the NL with a 1.87 ERA, and also leads the NL with 12 wins. He is having a very surprising season, and has lead the Braves to a fantastic start to the 2011 season. A lot of people think that Roy Halliday should win the NL Cy Young, but how can you argue with the fact that Jurrjens is better than Halliday in the 2 most important stats for pitchers; ERA and wins? It speaks volumes that Jurrjens has more wins than Halliday, because Halliday has much better run support than Jurrjens does. Jurrjens is the best pitcher in the National League, and if he keeps this up, he is the NL Cy Young.
And then, the not so good:

AL LVP (Least Valubale Player):

Adam Dunn (Chicago White Sox)- Every time I see Adam Dunn bat, the end result is usually me crying with a lot emotion and passion. Adam Dunn is one of the biggest free agent busts in Chicago sports history. He is batting a whopping .160, which is the worst in the MLB. How can someone who gets paid $56 million hit .160? Just ridiculous. Dunn also only has 9 home runs. I thought he was a power hitter? 9 home runs? Again, just ridiculous. Adam Dunn also leads the American League with 117 strikeouts. In all, Adam Dunn is extremely upseting and right now, is the worst player in the American League.


Jayson Werth (Washington Nationals)- Werth was signed to a monster contract this offseason, at $126 million, to say the least, Werth hasn’t lived up to his potential. He is batting .215, the 2nd worst in the NL. He also has struck out 87 times, which is the sixth worst in the NL. It’s not just his poor stats that make him the NL LVP, though, it’s how upsetting he’s been. He got signed to a monster deal, and has played terribly. Right now, at midseason, Werth is the NL LVP.

Well, it has sure been a fantastic first half of the 2011 MLB season.

We just have that much more to look forward to in the second half.

By Sam Brief


One thought on “2011 MLB MIDSEASON AWARDS

  1. Great post. Sadly one can’t argue about Adam Dunn. Right now he’s the poster child for everything that is wrong with guaranteed contracts. This is one area in which MLB — and the other major sports — have missed the boat launched by the NFL. Sign a big contract and stink it up? Hit the unemployment line just like anyone else in the real world would have to do!

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