Pure, insane madness: Once again the bewildering world of sports hits a home run and strikes out all in the same at-bat.

Paul Konerko has been amazing for the White Sox this year, with a .316 batting average and 22 home runs, there is no reason why he shouldn't have been voted to the All-Star team to begin with.

This is because today, Paul Konerko won the fan vote for the final all-star spot on the American League team. He received 8.4 million fan votes.

Now, this is great for Konerko, but what I don’t understand is why he was even a candidate for the final roster spot.

Why wasn’t he picked for the All-star game right away?

Because he is the most underrated player in baseball.

The fact that he wasn’t originally voted to the AL All-Star team just confirms this.

Paul Konerko should have been on the team to begin with, he is putting up nearly MVP numbers this year, batting .316, with 22 home runs, and 64 RBis at the break. Throughout the White Sox up and down year, there have been two constants: first, me wanting to break out into a hysterical cry every time Adam Dunn bats, and second, Paul Konerko playing out of his mind. Nobody thought Konerko could keep playing the way he did last year and repeat his amazing numbers, but Konerko raised them up one by playing even better this year!

Anyway, I just can’t imagine how voters couldn’t see Konerko as a clear All-star pick. He has been the MLB’s most underrated player over the last 3 years, and I pray that he will finally get his dues.

Until then, he’ll just have to let his play do the talking.

By Sam Brief



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