Derek Jeter is at the center of attention in the baseball world right now.

He is is also batting .222 with only 2 home runs and 22 RBIs. He has only hit a home run in one game this year, as both homers were in the same game. Jeter spent some time out of the lineup after suffering a calf injury on June 13, and the Yankees had a staggering 14-4 record with out him, and a 37-31 record with him, so they are obviously better without Jeter.

On the other side of New York City, there is another shortstop on another New York baseball team. This shortstop is batting .354 with 3 home runs and 32 RBIs. Like Jeter, he has spent some time out of the lineup with injury. While he has been in the lineup, he has turned around the season for a struggling franchise, and electrified the baseball world with his outstanding play. He is most definitely the best player in baseball at this moment.

Jeter has struggled mightily to begin this season, as number 2 is batting only .222 with 2 home runs.

His name is Jose Reyes.

For some odd reason, Jeter is getting all of the attention regarding the fact that he is only 2 hits away from reaching 3,000 hits for his career. Once again, the sports world fails

The fact that Derek Jeter is approaching the 3,000 hit milestone is holding back Jose Reyes from entering America's baseball spotlight.

to recognize a superstar who is playing out of his mind, and instead, focuses on a struggling player who is closing on a milestone. This is just proof on how baseball continues to stick like glue to the names of the past, and hesitating to move on from the big names to names like Jose Reyes, Matt Kemp, Jose Bautista, and Felix Hernandez.

Jose Reyes is overwhelmingly outplaying Jeter (BA is .132 higher) as well as the rest of the league at this moment. He is a strong candidate for NL MVP, and is starting at shortstop for the National League in the All-star game. 

The starting shortstop for the American League: Jeter.


It is just more proof on how baseball is struggling to cut ties with its past.

By Sam Brief



  1. Although I agree with you that Jose Reyes is playing much better baseball than the 37 year old Derek Jeter, but there has to be a celebration of what Mr. Jeter has accomplished in the Yankee pinstripes. Perhaps the greatest sports franchise has never had a player get 3000 hits. Never a signed veteran and never a player home grown through their system has made it to this historic number. That is astonishing with all of the incredible players in their history. Therefore I feel it is appropriate for baseball to celebrate this feat. After he gets the hit this weekend, the world of baseball can rightfully focus its attention on the next great shortstop Jose Reyes.

  2. Wha???? Best player at this moment??? Jose Bautista’s WAR is off the charts and he is first in the league in a ton of categories including walks, home runs, OPS, on base %, slugging percentage. Not to mention he’s 3rd in average at .333 all while playing stellar defence in Right Field with a cannon of an arm. He plays on a team that has trouble getting guys on base so his RBI numbers suffer. Reyes is a great player but over the past season and a half Jose Bautista is the best player in baseball and the numbers don’t lie about that. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I really want to know what you think. http://chrisross91.wordpress.com/2011/07/08/what-does-derek-jeters-milestone-signify/

    • I know about the stats but Reyes has totally turned the season around for the mets. I read your article on jeter and left a comment. Totally agree with that. Right now I would say bautista is al MVP. Reyes is nl MVP though. Thx for.commenting and your blog is great.

  3. hey, sam, your blog is a stunning winner! do i have to call you “mr” brief, now that you’re getting famous?!

    about reyes, as good as he is, do u think the mets will come up with the necessary $$ to keep him at citi field when he turns free agent?

    hope to see more about the mets and what it’s gonna take to turn the team around. you need to spend more time on the east coast [ahem!].

    on a personal note, you make us very proud!

    lots of love from gpa and gma

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